The Top Insects That Are Useful For Your Crops

Most of you would know that pests are harmful to your fields – yet, did you know that a fair few of them could actually be useful for you?

Your definition of pets would be different as a farmer, than when you are a homeonwer. The reason is simple – you need to look at insects that can be useful for you, and help you in taking care of your crops in an easier way. Sure, bio-pesticides can work but you need to know just what you would want to guard your crops against too.

Unleashing the Power of the ‘Positive Pests’

The common understanding is that insects or pests harm your crops and you must keep them as far away from your agro-business as possible. However, it would be interesting to note that some weeds, insects, and pests are actually good for your crops.

In a way, you must welcome attacks from these pests for crop protection.  And with other crop portection specialists like to help you with everything, including the amount of bio-pesticides you need to use, you have nothing to worry about.

So, let’s take a look at the useful pests that will enhance the life as well as the yield from your crops:


Ladybugs are not just adorable beings but also great for your crops. If you see these in your garden, you must be happy because both the larvae as well as the adult ladybugs feed on insects that have soft bodies and plant lice, so they keep your crops away from such pests and weeds.

It’s okay – welcome them without any hesitation.


Hoverflies, also known as syrphid flies, feed on aphids that are usually found in places that are hard to reach and tight. These flies appear during the time of early spring which is the perfect time for harvesting strawberries and raspberries.

You can welcome these hoverflies to get a perfect harvest.


Lacewings can be easily recognized because of their lacey wings, and you can always spot them on beautiful flowers while they feed on the nectar.

These lacewings can also be a blessing in disguise for your flower garden because they are known to feed on caterpillars, thrips, moth eggs, aphids, and mites.

Ground beetle

Ground beetles, though not the most beautiful insects, are a great help to your garden especially if you love to grow tomatoes, potatoes or cabbage. If you have a few rocks and logs on the ground, you will easily attract them, and then all your worries about your plants are gone!

In fact, the list of useful pests is a lot more than these four. Everything from wasps to spiders and even a dragonfly can help you protect your crops – all naturally.

Hiring an Expert – How Do They Help?

If you are still worried about crop protection, it’s improtant that you seek the help of experts.  They can help you with everything, including the amount of bio-pesticides you need to use.

The more natural you go, the better it is for your crops and also for the environment.